Print Little Study for the Surrogate 11 x 14
Atmospheric areas of color shift from a deep shade of black to bright orange, divided by sharp diagonal lines. When working with watercolor, which provides a brilliant luminosity, James Little will often score the surface with a sharp tool to trap color. As a result, there is a satisfying play between precise geometry of straight lines and the free-form washes achieved with watercolor. Little describes his method as “painting ideas” about color and matter, and his drawings, like this one, are a critical step in this process.

Approximate Measurements
Paper Size: 14.00" W x 11.00"H
Image Size: 12.97" W x 10.00" H

James Little, American, born 1952
Study for the Surrogate, 2002
Watercolor with graphite
sheet: 16 3/16 × 19 7/8 in. (41.1 × 50.5 cm)
The Thelma and Bert Ollie Memorial Collection, Gift of Ronald and Monique Ollie

Item #051479