Print Gatewood Untitled No. 02-038 11 x 14
Energy pulsates between arcing lines punctuated by layers of red and orange pigment. In the year he created this work, Lamerol Gatewood made many paintings addressing the human form and vessel-like shapes. Here, Gatewood seemingly deconstructs the figure, simplifying the body into a rhythmic set of black curvilinear brushstrokes, which could reference the skeletal structure, perhaps the rib cage. In addition, the parallel hatched linework in the center creates a sense of volume against the flat background.

Approximate Measurements
Paper Size: 14.00" W x 11.00"H
Image Size: 13.00" W x 9.76" H

Lamerol A. Gatewood, American, born 1954
Untitled No. 02-038, 2002
19 3/4 × 25 7/8 in. (50.2 × 65.7 cm)
The Thelma and Bert Ollie Memorial Collection, Gift of Ronald and Monique Ollie

Item #051443