Framed Print Rothko Red, Orange, Orange on Red
Like Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning, Mark Rothko was an important New York artist, whose highly abstract, gestural styles dominated American painting during the 1950s and 1960s. This piece exemplifies Rothko’s mature work, which was characterized by large dimensions and broad, cloud-like, often brilliantly colored and beautifully modulated fields of paint.

In this canvas, the largest, central cloud is bounded at the bottom by a narrow area of acidic orange, and at the top by the narrowest area of cool red. The orange-red hue that borders these areas, and over which they are painted, serves to modulate the different values of the colors. The artist’s technique, which involved staining the canvas with pigment, makes the painting seem to generate its own glowing light. Rothko believed that the elimination of subject matter and narrative references in his paintings allowed the broad areas of color to elicit a range of emotional responses from the viewer.

Approximate Measurements
Overall Frame Size: 23.50" W x 25.89" H
Image Size: 17.00" W x 19.39" H
Mat Width: 2.00"
Moulding Width: 1.1875"

Item #051262