Framed Print Monet Waterlilies
Clusters of lilies float on a watery surface composed of violets, blues, and greens in this mural-sized painting by Claude Monet. For twenty-five years Monet obsessively illustrated the aquatic flower at various times of day from his home at Giverny in northern France.

In 1893 Claude Monet expanded the garden of his home at Giverny. There he cultivated exotic water lilies in an exquisite garden pond rimmed with Asian plants. Over the next 25 years, he used the water lily motif as the basis of large compositions that would mark his transition from easel painting to ambitious mural-scaled decorations. In front of this painting, we imagine ourselves suspended over a seemingly infinite and somewhat mysterious field of subtle hues, as we are freed from the limitations of weight, of space as defined by traditional perspective, and of narrative. The result is a peaceful field of compelling beauty that invites contemplation and reverie. This canvas originally formed the centerpiece of a triptych or three-panel work. When installed with its counterparts from The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and The Cleveland Museum of Art, the large-scale paintings envelop the viewer in a seemingly infinite field of subtle hues and intangible beauty.

Approximate Measurements
Overall Frame Size: 29.50" W x 17.20" H
Image Size: 23.00" W x 10.70" H
Mat Width: 2.00"
Moulding Width: 1.1875"

Item #051253