Framed Print Martin Sadak in Search of Waters
Executed in London for the 1812 Royal Academy Exhibition, this painting was the first ambitious canvas for which Martin achieved recognition. In keeping with the early 19th-century English taste for Oriental exoticism and the grandeur of untamed nature, Martin conceived a vast, imaginative landscape where man is overwhelmed by the scale and power of natural forces.

The fictional subject is taken from the popular "Tales of the Genii" (1762), in which the noble Persian Sadak labors to free his wife from a wicked Sultan. Sadak seeks the waters of oblivion, whose magical powers can vanquish his evil foe. Martin has depicted Sadak struggling toward the remote heights of his goal. The majesty of the rocky facets, the powerful coloring, and the lurid white highlights depict a world that is both dangerous and beautiful, reflecting both the Romantic reverence for nature and fear of its awesome power.

Approximate Measurements
Overall Frame Size: 31.69" W x 41.50" H
Image Size: 24.19" W x 34.00" H
Mat Width: 2.50"
Moulding Width: 1.1875"

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