Framed Print Delaunay Eiffel Tower
Robert Delaunay’s “Eiffel Tower” represents this famed Parisian landmark, which was a symbol of modern technology in the early 20th century. The dark steel structure has been transformed into rich tones of yellow, orange, and lavender; the surrounding gardens are abstracted patterns of green and yellow. Influenced by fauvism, an art movement that championed the use of vivid colors, Delaunay affirmed that “everything is color in nature.” The artist used an aerial viewpoint, probably informed by his own background as an early aviator.

Approximate Measurements
Overall Frame Size: 15.27" W x 21.75" H
Image Size: 9.52" W x 16.00" H
Mat Width: 2.00"
Moulding Width: 0.7500"

Item #051243