Shape of Abstraction Ollie
The Shape of Abstraction: Selections from the Ollie Collection
Edited by Elizabeth Wycoff and Simon Kelly
Essay by Rehema C. Barber
Interview with Ronald Maurice Ollie
Catalogue entries by: Alexis Assam, Heather A. Hughes, Hannah Klemm, Molly Moog, Gretchen L. Wagner, and Abigail Yoder
Featuring a poem by Quincy Troupe

The Shape of Abstraction: Selections from the Ollie Collection presents paintings, drawings, and prints by five generations of black artists who have revolutionized abstract art since the 1940s. Despite their significant contributions, many of these accomplished artists have remained largely under-recognized and omitted from the existing narrative of art history. However, the re-examination and celebration of this history is underway.
In 2017, St. Louis native Ronald Ollie and his wife, Monique, gave the Saint Louis Art Museum a transformative collection of 81 works by black abstractionists. Ollie spent decades collecting, often befriending the artists and forming long, collaborative relationships. He grew up visiting the Museum with his parents, who nurtured his deep appreciation for art. This exhibition draws from and celebrates the Thelma and Bert Ollie Memorial Collection, which was named in honor of his parents.
64 pages; Full color images; 10 ½ x 9 inches
Soft bound
Copyright 2019 Saint Louis Art Museum


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