Plains Indian Art of the Early Reservation Era Danforth Coll
Plains Indian Art of the Early Reservation Era
edited by Jill Ahlberg Yohe; editorial consultant, Janet Catherine Berlo
essays by, Arthur Amiotte, Kathy Dickerson, Teri Greeves, Emil Her Many Horses, Joe D. Horse Capture, Michael Jordan, John P. Lukavic, Timothy P. McCleary, David W. Penney, Richard Pohrt Jr., Wendy Red Star, Dan Swan, John White Antelope, and Gordon Yellowman.

This publication details the generous donation by Carolyn Danforth of 251 works of Plains Indian art and celebrates the collection of her late husband, Donald Danforth Jr. This book examines not only Donald Danforth Jr. (1932-2001) and his sensibilities as a collector of Native American art, but also situates the artworks as evidence of remarkable creativity in the context of tumultuous historical change. Contributing authors include scholars, artists, and practitioners, many of whom are Native American members of the communities from which the artworks originated. Their insights illuminate the historical and indigenous significance of specific artworks and genres and present multiple perspectives that are as richly varied as the works themselves.

248 pages; 138 color plates; 11 x 8 1/2 inches
soft bound
Copyright 2016 Saint Louis Art Museum

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