Print Landseer Attachment 11 x 14
Sir Edwin Landseer, considered in his day England's greatest painter, was known for his engaging animal images and portraits of pets, including those of Queen Victoria. Dogs are particularly prominent in his work, and none of his canine heroes so well captures the spirit of Victorian sentiment as the terrier depicted in "Attachment." The painting is an illustration of Sir Walter Scott's short poem "Helvellyn," the story of a young man's tragic death in 1805 and his faithful terrier's long vigil beside the lifeless body. The young man suffered an accidental fall while on a climbing expedition to the Helvellyn mountain in Scotland's Lake District, and his remains lay undiscovered for three months. Scott's poem is the only account of the incident; no additional verification has ever appeared.

As depicted by Landseer, the story's setting is a dramatic backdrop of stormy sky and large imposing faces of bare rock that suggest dizzying heights. The body lies close to the edge of a high cliff, and the juxtaposition of strong light and looming shadow heightens the drama. The brightly colored areas direct the viewer's gaze to the attentive canine, who gingerly paws at her master's windswept cloak in hops of some response.

Paper size: 14 x 11 inches
Image Size: 12 1/2 x 10 inches


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