Note card Cornoyer's "The Plaza after Rain"
Paul Cornoyer (American, 1864-1923)
The Plaza After the Rain, 1908

The American Impressionist Paul Cornoyer (1864-1923) was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and began his education at Washington University's School of Fine Arts. He left St. Louis for Paris in 1889 to study at the Académie Julian, where his talent blossomed. As his reputation grew, Cornoyer decided to leave St. Louis for New York and the company of fellow American Impressionists, such as William Merritt Chase. Both the presence of his contemporaries and the city itself provided inspiration for Cornoyer's work. Cornoyer absorbed the lessons of Impressionism during his time in Paris and was particularly adept at rendering street scenes. But, unlike the European Impressionists, he preferred muted light and developed a talent for painting cloudy, rainy days in the city. The Plaza After Rain is a perfect example of Cornoyer's skills. In this painting of a plaza in New York City, Cornoyer seizes the exact moment when the rain slows to a light drizzle, capturing the mood of the city after a storm. Residents finally close their umbrellas and walk along the still-wet pavement, which is marked by the occasional puddle. The fading light, cloudy sky, and mist still hanging in the air communicate a stillness and calm. Cornoyer gives the viewer a sense of the everyday moments of quiet beauty in the life of a city dweller.

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