Note card Glackens's "Young Woman in Green"
William James Glackens, (American, 1870–1938)
"Young Woman in Green," c. 1915

Glackens' Young Woman in Green depicts middle-class life. Glackens admired the work of the French Impressionists, and in his subject matter, compositional formats, and brushwork, Glackens parallels the work of Renoir. His short and feathery brushstrokes create a textured picture surface, although his palette is bolder and more acidic than Renoir's and is closer to that of Pierre Bonnard. The bold color contrasts, decorative patterning, and sensualism of Young Woman in Green bring Matisse to mind. Emotionally the figure has sunk into a state of dream-like reverie, just as physically she sinks sensually into a richly patterned sofa, amidst soft, colorful pillows and lap rugs. It is an intimate view of a comely woman in an interior, isolated with her thoughts. Her tenuous link to the outside world is symbolized by the hat she holds in her lap.

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