Note card Frieseke's "Torn Lingerie"
Frederick Carl Frieseke (American, 1874 - 1939)
"Torn Lingerie," 1915

An expatriate painter, Frieseke lived in France for over forty years. After 1900, when Frieseke began to spend his summers in Giverny, his work began to show the influence of Impressionism. It was probably Renoir, the Impressionist he most admired, who most influenced Frieseke in his focus on the intimate subject of a woman in her boudoir for so many paintings. Frieseke was a virtuoso in capturing the delicate frothiness of feminine finery. In chalky shades of blue and pink, his feathery brushstrokes surround the woman's figure with flowered wallpaper, striped upholstery, and patterned rug. The brightly colored blooms in the fresh bouquet on the dressing table add a vibrant note of color to an otherwise pastel palette.

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