Ancient Chinese Bronzes
Ancient Chinese Bronzes
Written by Steven Owyoung with contributions by Thomas Lawton and technical observations and analysis by Suzanne Hargrove

The extensive information presented is the result of 14 years of research on the Saint Louis Art Museum's collection of Chinese bronzes. One of the most distinguished and celebrated Chinese bronze collections in the West, the pieces not only demonstrate the beauty and history of Chinese bronzes, but also show their variety of purpose as ritual vessels, sacrificial and funerary objects, historical documents, and examples of ancient technology and manufacturing. Using recent archaeological data from China and modern scientific methods, such as lead isotope and x-radiographic procedures, the Museum has studied the bronzes with an emphasis on dating, construction, style, and function, discovering exciting new information that has provided accurate translations and interpretations of their inscriptions and manufacture.

191 pages, full-color illustrations of each object
hard bound
Copyright 1997 Saint Louis Art Museum

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